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Re: nx packages ready for skolelinux

Am Samstag, 20. November 2004 14:17 schrieb Kurt:
> deb http://debian.tu-bs.de/knoppix/nx/skolelinux/ ./

Okay, thanks Franz :)

This is what you need on server-side:

apt-get install nxserver nxagent
nxserver: FreeNX application/thin-client server based on NX technology
nxagent:  turns off round-trips by emulating a local x-server
Dependencies: expect freenx libnxcomp0 libnxcompext0 nxlibs nxproxy
Space after unpacking: abt. 4M

Alternatives to nxagent:
nxviewer: interface for vnc
nxdesktop: interface to ms-w2k-TS

These are the informations FF gave us during our Working Weekend at 
Guetersloh. In order to contact the Server,
- create a new ssh-key for nx by evoking:
  nxsetup --setup-nomachine-key  
- make sure your firewall forwards port 22 to ltspserver00
- download an nx-client for your home platform (lx/mac/w32)
  from http://nomachine.com/download.php
- use secure encryption (SLS) to reuse the ssh-control-tunnel 
  for your session.
- enable nxagent for normal sessions to avoid roundtrips
- disable nxagent if you use apps with 3d/glx statements,
  as those are not supported by nxagent, yet.

Please report, if this works for you - couldn't try myself yet.
NX is said to run even faster than citrix - and it allows you editing 
your remote file by means of remotely running apps - so you need not 
even transfer the files themselves to and fro :)

For increased performance with use of LTSP, I am still looking for the 
right LTSP modules - but I do know, they are somewhere out there :)


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