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Re: nx packages ready for skolelinux

* Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> [041120 14:44]:

> On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Kurt wrote:
> >Fabian Franz has built the FreeNX server for skolelinux woody.
> This is good news.  Any know differences to
>    deb     http://www.kanotix.com/files/debian /
>    deb-src http://www.kanotix.com/files/debian /

FF means that Fabian Franz has written that line.

FF: Those packages are built for sid and not for woody. (Though
the packages did just compile ...)

> I know thet the packages at Kanotix site need either some enhanced
> postinst containing something like
>   adduser  --system nx --home /home/.nx
>   chsh nx /usr/bin/nxserver
>   mkdir -p /home/.nx/.ssh
>   nxsetup --setup-nomachine-key
> or at least some documentation informing the user about this fact.

FF: I did not knew --system until now. As this just concerns the
FreeNX server its quite easy to fix. I can also look at the other
made RPMs by Fedora or Gentoo for example.

> If the only difference between the both sources is that the
> one which was announced by Kurt is compiled under Woody some work
> to do is left.  

FF: Yes, I agree. Lets see ...

> I'd be happy if somebody would start to make these
> packages fit for integration into Debian.
FF: I think FreeNX itself is not the big problem. The big problem is
packaging the nx* library and supplementary packages. 

FF: Mornfall did just put all components in one big source package.

FF: The problem is that the different parts sometimes build-depend or
even depend on the exact source tree. Another problem from a
security perspective is that we are shipping another XFree86,
though other distributions also have given up hope to audit the
whole nx sources ;-).

> BTW, I would be interested whether anybody is able to get
> national keyboards working from Win clients.  At least I do
> not get a German keyboard working.  This was a known bug on
> the NX developers list, and it remained unclear to me whether
> they think it is fixed now and should work or if this is an
> issue for future development.
FF: It should work now (Gian Filippo forwarded me some mails
regarding that topic) and it might be that I have to fix
FreeNX, but I don't have a windows system here atm.

FF: means Fabian Franz ;-)

he is working here in our lern- and testcenter ;-)

Regards/Viele Gruesse!
kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de   GnuPG Key ID  0xE263 FCD4

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