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Re: nx packages ready for skolelinux

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Kurt wrote:

Fabian Franz has built the FreeNX server for skolelinux woody.
This is good news.  Any know differences to

   deb     http://www.kanotix.com/files/debian /
   deb-src http://www.kanotix.com/files/debian /

I know thet the packages at Kanotix site need either some enhanced
postinst containing something like

  adduser  --system nx --home /home/.nx
  chsh nx /usr/bin/nxserver
  mkdir -p /home/.nx/.ssh
  nxsetup --setup-nomachine-key

or at least some documentation informing the user about this fact.
If the only difference between the both sources is that the
one which was announced by Kurt is compiled under Woody some work
to do is left.  I'd be happy if somebody would start to make these
packages fit for integration into Debian.

BTW, I would be interested whether anybody is able to get national
keyboards working from Win clients.  At least I do not get a German
keyboard working.  This was a known bug on the NX developers list,
and it remained unclear to me whether they think it is fixed now
and should work or if this is an issue for future development.
(For instance see

   http://www.nomachine.com/developers/archives/nxusers/0568.php )

Kind regards



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