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Re: nx packages ready for skolelinux

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Kurt wrote:

I know thet the packages at Kanotix site need either some enhanced
postinst containing something like

  adduser  --system nx --home /home/.nx
  chsh nx /usr/bin/nxserver
  mkdir -p /home/.nx/.ssh
  nxsetup --setup-nomachine-key

or at least some documentation informing the user about this fact.

FF: I did not knew --system until now. As this just concerns the
FreeNX server its quite easy to fix. I can also look at the other
made RPMs by Fedora or Gentoo for example.
This would be great.  IMHO, propragating your packages to official
Debian would be a great step foreward.  Ich you are unsure whether
some things are not really finished try the experimental distribution

I'd be happy if somebody would start to make these
packages fit for integration into Debian.

FF: I think FreeNX itself is not the big problem. The big problem is
packaging the nx* library and supplementary packages.
Sure. What I meant was that it would be great to have all packages
which are necessary to run an NX server inside Debian.

FF: Mornfall did just put all components in one big source package.
This is no real problem, IMHO.

FF: The problem is that the different parts sometimes build-depend or
even depend on the exact source tree. Another problem from a
security perspective is that we are shipping another XFree86,
though other distributions also have given up hope to audit the
whole nx sources ;-).
I have no idea about the internals of NX but people who are concerned
about the security of NX might just continue to do what they are
doing currently: Just do not install is.  Others who would like to
use it will care for the security once it is aavailable in Debian.

FF: It should work now (Gian Filippo forwarded me some mails
"Now" means since when exactly and using which version?

regarding that topic) and it might be that I have to fix
FreeNX, but I don't have a windows system here atm.
Well, NX is the first footstep into the door of our Win
centric environment because it provides the necessary performance.
I'm able to provide any debugging information which is necessary.

Kind regards



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