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Re: generic boot CDR was Re: Suggestion: Live CD as Skolelinux Workstation?

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Jim Oksvold wrote:

> Would it be possible to make a generic boot CDR that would just
> autodetect the ethernetcard present in the computer and just make it work
> without the man in charge understanding diddly?  So that making a custom
> bootfloppy would be unneeded?

It depends what you mean by a "custom bootfloppy".  If you're using the
boot floppy image from http://rom-o-matic.net/ there is a one disk fits all
image there which supports almost all pci network cards.

Under "Choose NIC/ROM type:" 
	select "etherboot-pci:all-pci-drivers".  

Under "Choose ROM output format:" 
	select "Floppy bootable ROM Image (.zdsk)" or "ISO Bootable Image"

This will give you a floppy or cdrom image (respectively) which will boot
with support for nearly any PCI network cards.

I have suggested to the rom-o-matic.net people that the
"etherboot-pci:all-pci-drivers" would be better placed first on the list as
it is likely the most useful but they apparently don't agree.


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