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Suggestion: Live CD as Skolelinux Workstation?

Hi there,

I have a question about sense and feasability / work involved about an 
idea I had:

How about having a Live-CD that acts like a Skolelinux workstation 
(while at the same time having more recent software and hardware 
detection - like knoppix or kanotix)?

We'd need:

DHCP client -> IP and hostname from Tjener.

As the IP depends on some hashcode derived from the clients MAC address 
(normally), we now, only need to add the hostname to netgroups to do an 
NFS mount. To be on the save side, we could add the clients MAC to 
dhcpd.conf, anyway.

If this is done, we could auth to LDAP and mount home 
from /skole/tjener/home0 as done with regular work stations.

Only problem could be logging, but this should be done (if this is not 
the case, already) both on clients (not for live CD) and on server.

Such Live CD could be used where installation is out of question, yet 
(no allowance / no access to security guard). At the same time it could 
be the base for an installation as done by kanotix.

What do you think?


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