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Re: Suggestion: Live CD as Skolelinux Workstation?

> Hi there,

> I have a question about sense and feasability / work involved about an 
> idea I had:

> How about having a Live-CD that acts like a Skolelinux workstation 
> (while at the same time having more recent software and hardware 
> detection - like knoppix or kanotix)?

Like Skoleknoppix?
Or is this something else?

The downside I could see is that the programs read from the CD
would not be as stable as read errors from CD-ROM are more frequent than from harddisk.

A number of machines are not able to boot from a PXE ethernetcard.
There is no such functionality on the mainboard.
Floppies are not as reliable.
A great number of Pentium 1 and 2 machines 
I pass in dumped containers on the street
have CD-ROM installed.

Would it be possible to make a generic boot CDR
that would just autodetect the ethernetcard present in the computer
and just make it work without the man in charge understanding diddly?
So that making a custom bootfloppy
would be unneeded?

> What do you think?

I probably don't understand all of this fully.
But don't worry - I am not a programmer - Just a Radio-Fernseh Techniker :-)

> Regards
> Ralf

Jim Oksvold

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