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Re: Macromedia Flash Plugin

[Finn-Arne Johansen]
> Our goal is to have everything we need on the CD, without the need
> for the admin to agree to each and every package that are
> installed. We got permission from Sun to include j2re on the cd
> without any questions.

Another goal is to get all the packages we use included into and
maintained as part of Debian.  The SUN Java have a license prohibiting
distribution if other Java implementations are distributed as well, so
it will never be included in Debian with the current license (Kaffe,
Sable and others would have to be thrown out, and that is never going
to happen).  So, we will loose SUN j2re when we are able to move
completely to official Debian packages, unless SUN come to their
senses and change their license.

> Well, actually we would like the free packages for flash and for java,
> but I'm not sure if they are mature enough yet. 

Yes.  But both are improving rapidly.  For the status of free flash,
check out <URL:http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=278>.

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