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Re: Thin Clients: No Boot Device (sometimes)

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On 14-11-2004 11:29, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 14. November 2004 01:58 schrieb Vagrant Cascadian:
>>it might have been related to a buggy ethernet card on the server, as
>>well...  in which case, bringing the ethernet up and down(ifdown eth0
>>; ifup eth0), and then restarting inetd would fix it.
> thank you very much for these additional hints. 
> I remember having been able to connect to ltspserver via ssh from some 
> workstation (well, this is thru eth0 AFAIK - anyway not the eth that 
> serves the TC's). 
> ps aux |grep tftp didn't give any results - dunno if there is a process 
> named like this.

try this instead:

grep ^tftp /etc/inetd.conf

As the superdaemon inetd (usually) handles the tftp daemon, you won't
see tftp when it is not in active use.

Beware that the default for inetd is to only allow 40 requests for each
port each minute - and each TFTP dialogue often consists of several
requests. Change the "wait" part of the tftpd line to "wait.500" to
raise that limit. Took me some time to figure out that (as nothing was
written in log files - suddently TFTP request just silently was ignored
for some minutes and the worked again...).

 - Jonas

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