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Re: Thin Clients: No Boot Device (sometimes)

> Hi, thanks for that hint - IIRC Mac Addresses are assigned in a fixed 
> manner - once in a while there is also situations where I must restart 
> ltsp-server in order to make _any_ client boot at all.

i don't know which tftp daemon you use for skolelinux, or how it's
confiugured, but there was a server at freegeek which tftpd failed once
every few months and needed to restart the server to get it working
again.  eventually we figured out that we only needed to restart inetd:

/etc/init.d/inetd stop
/etc/init.d/inetd start

(restart wouldn't work right, for some unknown reason)

it might have been related to a buggy ethernet card on the server, as
well...  in which case, bringing the ethernet up and down(ifdown eth0 ;
ifup eth0), and then restarting inetd would fix it.

good luck!

live well,

p.s. i hope that stupid "antispam uol email thing doesn't bother me for
mailing the list again...

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