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Next debian-edu/skolelinux developer gathering, January 28-30 2005

Three people expressed their wishes for development gathering dates in
January.  The conclusion drawn from this enormous amount of data, is
that the next developer gathering will be held on January 28-30, in
the Oslo area.

More information will come as the dates draw nearer, but registrations
are welcome - either by email to debian-edu@lists.debian.org or
linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no.  When registering by email, send a message
containing the following information:

 Subject: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering <dates>
	- Your name 
        - Your travel expenses.
        - Which part of the gathering you are joining
          (technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation,
	- If you are joining us for dinner on Friday and/or Saturday
	- If you are a developer we want to know which Bug(s) you are
	  going to work on as well.

You can also enter your relevant details directly into
in cvs.

Mari :)


Mari Wang - mariw@acm.org

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