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Re: etherboot startup from lilo, and hdparm for spinning down disk.


On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Torstein Dybdahl wrote:

> Have not made the howto for lilo install in english.
> With this solution we can use the cheap rtl8139 networkcards in 
> ltspclients with harddisk.

It seems a nice idea that this route be documented, though the etherboot
route is obviously a lot simpler.  You must be on a very tight budget as
etherboot cards are about 22 euro from Martin Herweg.  If you have the
cards you can just buy ROM chips for them for 11 euro.


I know I'd rather use the rom chips but it's nice to have this documented
for those on a very tight budget.

> PS. I will try to transelate the lilo howto if someone wants to.

That would be nice.


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