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Re: lessdisks: client with only 20MB ram

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On 06-11-2004 01:36, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> Am Samstag, 6. November 2004 00:21 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
>>LTSP clients must be 32+ MB
> Mh, fine you proved this limit is not too low :)
> I suppose: RAM is mostly used for the image buffer. Depending on 
> resolution and color depth, 32 MB is quite realistic. Maybe you used 
> 800x600x15 bit? Maybe your graphics card has its own amount of buffer 
> memory? 
> Okay, you'll also need some RAM for the ltsp-client-kernel, of course, 
> don't know the size.

Thanks: those are good hints to investigate further!

(not right now, though - I am busy these days squeezing an infoscreen
system for a room booking system onto a bootable USB stick... And
probably reuse that knowledge to make a Shorewall-based firewall on a
USB stick, now that Gibraltar has gone commercial).

 - Jonas

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