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Re: Lessdisks, LTSP, workstations, VNC, NoMachine NX, FreeNX (Was: Workstation Maintainance?)

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On 02-11-2004 23:37, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 02-11-2004 22:28, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:

>>>>Sure, swap over the network is not supported by default. If you want
>>>>Debian to support that, then convince the relevant package maintainers
>>>>to include your favorite xNBD patch with the official kernels - or maybe
>>>>convince someone to maintaine noew xNBD-enabled kernels (perhaps the FAI
>>>>maintainer, who seem to like maintaining parallel kernels).
>>>>Or even better: Investigate if any of the xNBD patches are in fact
>>>>possible to isolate as independent compilable kernel modules. Then you
>>>>won't need to maintain a kernel, just a module.
>>>That could be a solution. 
> OpenAFS is one such module. It is possible to _not_ use local caching
> (or only RAM-based caching).

Forget that one - OpenAFS cannot be used for swapping.

And it seems the reason for patching kernels is exactly that: usage of
Network Block Devices (NBDs) for swapping. The original NBD _is_
distributed with the mainline kernel, but seems to not reliably dela
with swapping...

Someone knowledgeable in this field please correct me or add good
references here (the seemingly official place for the NBD swap patch is
suspiciously old: http://www.xss.co.at/linux/NBD/Applications.html).

 - Jonas

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