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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

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On 02-11-2004 07:29, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>>Lessdisks is a framework for distributed diskless systems. As such, it
>>_can_ be configured to run all apps locally, or it can execute X11 apps
>>remotely (insecurely as LTSP3 or SSH-encrypted), or run VNC, or run NX,
>>The default setup (and also the most tested AFAIK) is running all X11
>>apps remotely, similar to LTSP3 but SSH-encrypted.
> well, the default, i believe, is to actually use the same remote X11
> technology as LTSP does by default: XDMCP

I stand corrected. Thanks, Vagrant!

> if you can get it to work for a conventional debian workstation, it's
> likely able to work with lessdisks, many things without alteration.

I believe you meant "Skolelinux" above.

> the newer upstream versions (0.6.x) has a number of features to make
> install significantly easier,

For the record: There is currently 2 "flavors" of lessdisks: The one
packaged by Vagrant (currently at 0.6.x) and the one officially in
Debian (0.5.x + some tweaks by me).

(I leave it up to you guys to judge wether me messing with the code is a
good or not...)

 - Jonas

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