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Re: User Administration

[Finn-Arne Johansen]
> No, sudo will not be usefull with webmin and adding users in
> Skolelinux. We uses ldap, and yes, it is possible to allow other
> users than root to add users.

Correct.  And one should _not_ use adduser to create users in
Skolelinux.  It will only create a local user, while users in
Skolelinux normally should be added into LDAP to make sure the user is
available on all machines in the network.

> Actually we uses the the ldap-administrator "admin" to administer
> the ldap. By default, the admin password is the same as the root
> password.  when it comes to webmin, if you log in as root, you
> actually are using the unix-root-account, and if you do so, you are
> able to add/delete/modify other users. There was talk about letting
> the group "admins" use the ldap admin password to add/delete/modify
> other users, but I haven't checked the changelog to see if it has
> happened.

I'm not sure either if this is done.

The medium to long term plans are to integrate Cerebrum into
Skolelinux, to get a more fine-grained access control to the user
database.  There is currently work going on to implement it for the
skolelinux servers, to get more experience with the configuration

Cerebrum is available from <URL: http://cerebrum.sourceforge.net/ >.

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