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Suggestion: Feedback Query Form

Dear Skolelinuxers :)

During our presentations at Frankfurt some guest suggested to have an 
online feedback query form where using schools could (kind of) 
register. Of course, in a voluntary way (not meaning to lead them there 
automatically after install). 

In a way, the bugzilla already is such type of feedback option -- but 
for dump teachers like us it is too tricky to sign in there. An open 
php (or perl) page should do!

We could have two different advantages from such a query form:
- a better feedback how many schools use skolelinux and where are those
- a straight forward knowledge about first impressions testers have.

It could be argued if there should be free text fields in the form and 
where the results are sent to (this list?). Anyway, I don't think of a 
mailing list style with dreary threads of flame.

Please comment!

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