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Re: Standard way to customize desktop environments

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:

1) In order for gconf (and thus gnome) to make use of the method proposed by
this package the system-wide gconf path file needs to be replaced by the
one I have in doc/examples. This means that ideally at some point you'd
have gconf depend on desktop-profiles and include the changed path file (it
doesn't change default behaviour, and it's more flexible).
-> having gconf depend on cdd-common seems weird to me
This is true.

2) it's basically a mechanism for admins to easily find and control whatever
desktop customizations get installed by CDD's/other packages/themselves.
While hopefully CDD's will all use this to install their (desktop)
customizations, I don't hink this is a something strictly for CDD's, so I
think it is more logical to have it in it's own package

what do others think?
You are right here - it was perhaps a to quick thoght from my side.
Making cdd-common depend from your package seems appropriate.

This falls into the scope of user roles, IMHO.

definately, you'll mostly have one profile specific to each role
So we probably have to adjust the user role tools  ...

Kind regards


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