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Re: Standard way to customize desktop environments

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:

[1] it's located in debian-edu cvs an alioth src/desktop-profiles module,
current build of the package is available at
While I'm far from beeing a desktop configuration expert the stuff you
described seems absolutely interesting for all CDDs.  Keeping this in mind
I wonder if we might include the stuff you mentioned completely into
the cdd package.

Further steps needed at this point:
1) Get the package into Debian:
-> packaging is done, but I need a sponser, as I'm not a DD
My suggestion would solve the problem of finding a sponsor.  Just add
your stuff to cdd svn and patch the packaging method.  The uploaders
of the cdd package will care for the upload.  (Note: It is of course
just a recommendation and you are free to decide.  But I see no real
need to have a lot of tiny little packages if they can be collected in
one package for all CDDs.)

2) Once package gets into Debian change debian-edu-config to use it (add
depends, remove custom xsession.d script, add debian-edu-config.listing
I hope that debian-edu will switch to cdd which (in case you accept my
suggestion) will implicitely solves this.

3) Start discussing additional profiles/ current setup. What desktop
customizations would you like to see (do speak up here ,we _need_ feedback,
but drop debian-custom from CC when replying on this point :-)
I do not think that it would be too boring for people here.

I think we should have (at least):
- debian-edu-network -> proxy settings, .. anything common to desktops
inside a debian-edu network
- debian-edu-student -> settings for students (background, desktop icons,
panel setup, maybe some things locked down with kiosk framework, ...)
- debian-edu-admin -> settings for admins (links to admin-tools and
documentation on desktop, ....)
- ....
This falls into the scope of user roles, IMHO.

Kind regards


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