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Re: what are your country`s requirements for privacy in schools?

C. Gatzemeier wrote:

What about happy MAC spoofing?

When I find them they get a job, or possibly a shallow grave in a lime pit. Depends on how bad a mood I'm in :-)

But your right it could well end up being an issue, especially with the features creep on moblie phones and the increasing popularity of handhelds.

Think I'd look for openswan or openvpn.

Its a possibility, but you have to balance all of the issues, if you make the security too tight people will start using shortcuts around it, such as leaving one account or one machine open and a kid jumps on it and starts messing at which point a vpn is useless. There are also all kinds of 'fun' that can be had with vpns especially with teachers that arnt in the least technical.

Teaching the staff about good security practises such as alphanumeric passwords that are changed regularly and are never written down, coupled with levels of network, server side security and human monitoring will give you better security than a magic bullet solution.


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