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become empowered, take Back control of your money and life

IMAGINE, just for a moment, what life would be like if you didn't have to
make those miserable, awful, burdensome Card payments, month after month?

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Bankruptcy laws have changed.  Many former bankruptcy attorneys have gone
on to other legal arenas. This is not about bankruptcy. This has nothing to
do with "debt counseling" or reduction in your payment plans! Not about
consolidation or management of your card debts. This is about not making
payments right away and making them pay for lying to you. Learn how the
banks really work and how the entire money system has been rigged.  You?ll
be surprised and maybe a little upset! But we?ll help you turn it to your
advantage with easy to follow steps.

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I don't mind that so much, for they might bring me into worst scrapes than
this. But how am I to get away from this beastly island? I'll be eaten,
after all, if I don't look out! These and similar thoughts occupied him for
some time, yet in spite of much planning and thinking he could find no
practical means of escape
At the end of an hour he looked over the edge of the plateau and found it
surrounded by a ring of the black cannibals, who had calmly seated
themselves to watch his movements.

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