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Re: what are your country`s requirements for privacy in schools?

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
what is it like in your country? could you find out and give a
short summary, please? it is important for how we can interface
best with schooltool (and other such administrative software
solutions) and keep user data up to date in the future.

In the UK its in the hands of either the LEA or the School itself depending on their relationship to the LEA, which means if the LEA doesnt require X, then the solution just needs to be in line with the Data Protection Act of 1984.

Up until recently best practise was for two physically seperate networks (or as they prefer Domains) a one way trust can exist between the domains, and frequently does, but all security on the network is intended to be software (read windows) based.

Our own solution until recently, was to have a seperate VLAN for the teachers, coupled with controlled access to the client software and have them authenticate against a seperate domain. However as were moving towards a FLOSS enviroment were changing administrative systems to one with a webinterface (although one that requires activex and IE). When that is migrated to we plan on implimenting MAC filtering. Any kid that gets around that we'll give a job to.

There is aparently some legislation pending regarding wifi networks in schools, but I have yet to see a draft of what is being proposed, and my bosses are completely unaware of it. I suspect it will just be a case of requiring the implimentation of WEP, and possibly registering of MAC addr.


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