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weekly report week 42

Done last week:

 - Work on partman-auto-lvm. Maybe one day this will be a viable
   replacement for autopartkit, though not yet.
 - Fixed languagechooser cyrillic issue.
 - Continuing work on sarge security.
 - Worked on processing old installation reports, and pinging reporters
   (300 pings sent). Closed about 100 installation reports.
 - Finished setting up automated daily installs of debian-edu using bochs.
   Posted a brief howto and pointer to the web page to the mailing list.
 - Fixed partman's support for lvm over software raid.
 - Fixed various problems preventing debian-installer from building on some

Plans for this week:

 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.
 - Final d-i initrd builds.
 - Final d-i translation uploads and other last minute fixes.
 - Continue working on sarge security.

General TODO list:
 - Assign bugs in the Debian BTS for the items listed in 
   (After verifying/reproducing them).
 - Read over the new English translation of the drift book.
 - I'd like to begin checking all recent CAN numbers to see if those
   security holes are fixed in sarge, but this is such an enormous task
   that I'm hesitant to begin (could take weeks).

see shy jo

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