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Test server for cerebrum in place

I've reinstalled maintainer.skolelinux.no with sarge this evening, to
make it ready for the test of Cerebrum.  The intention is to use it as
the Cerebrum server for the skolelinux.no machines.  We should start
using Cerebrum ourself to test the packages made by Andreas, and iron
out the bugs in the configuration.

Andreas will install Cerebrum as soon as he find time, and we will
take it from there.  It is available for login for most users on
developer.skolelinux.no.  Someone need to update the LDAP database
from /etc/password to give the last few users access.

I moved the LDAP database server from maintainer.skolelinux to
developer.skolelinux.no to prepare for the installation.  The
transition seem to have worked out without problems.


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