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Re: CVS update: src/debian-edu/debian changelog rules

pere@alioth.debian.org wrote:
>        - Do not remove debian-edu-tasks.desc in the 'clean' target, to
>          make sure the archive only is consulted if the tasks files are
>          changed.  Make sure to not remove debian/control in the build
>          target in debian/rules for the same reason. (Closes: #276896)

I realise that we're being pestered about this use of the archive (IMHO
unjustly; this was already agreed by the RM's to be acceptable for
sarge). But consider that with this change, the package will not be
updated each build to reflect what packages are in the archive, and so
we're more likely to have broken recommends (oddly, that's what the
other half of the bug report was about). That's why I made it regenerate
the Packages files each build, in the last release.

If we really can't do that, we need to make sure that the control file
is manually regenerated each release even if no tasks files have changed.
Because there _will_ be changes.

see shy jo

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