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Re: CVS update: src/debian-edu/debian changelog rules

[Joey Hess]
> I realise that we're being pestered about this use of the archive
> (IMHO unjustly; this was already agreed by the RM's to be acceptable
> for sarge).

Yes.  But in this "sub-case", we had agreed that it should be possible
to build the package without network connections.  And it wasn't.

> But consider that with this change, the package will not be updated
> each build to reflect what packages are in the archive, and so we're
> more likely to have broken recommends (oddly, that's what the other
> half of the bug report was about). That's why I made it regenerate
> the Packages files each build, in the last release.

The proper way to do this would be to touch one of the files in
tasks/, to trigger a rebuild using make dependencies.  Not to remove
the file in the build rules.

> If we really can't do that, we need to make sure that the control
> file is manually regenerated each release even if no tasks files
> have changed.  Because there _will_ be changes.

Good point.  Not sure how we both make sure the files are always
generated if possible, and that it is still possible to build the
package without a network.  Test using ping, and touch a file in
tasks/ if the ping succeeds?

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