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Bug#276896: current RC issues in debian-edu

Package: debian-edu
Version: 0.802
Severity: serious

Currently, there are at least the following RC issues in debian-edu:

The package downloads Package lists during build time.
It's not acceptable that a package might build differently depending
on whether an online connection is available.
Please use Package files located in the package during the build.
For your convenience, you can always add a seperate Makefile target
to download these files as long as it doesn't happen automatically
during package build.

Unsatisfied Recommends:
- education-common: kudzu (m68k), read-edid (!i386),
                    dmidecode (!i386, !ia64)
- education-mathematics: kgeo
- education-thin-client-server: ltsp-kernel-2.4.22-i386,

Unsatisfied Recommends in sarge:
- education-electronics: oregano
- education-main-server: webmin-exports, webmin-squid, webmin-dhcpd,
- education-mathematics: drgenius
- education-standalone: mozilla-locale-zh-cn, mozilla-locale-gl-es,
                        mozilla-locale-el, mozilla-locale-zh-tw,
                        mozilla-locale-es-es, mozilla-locale-cy
- education-standalone-extras: drgenius
- education-thin-client-server: webmin-dhcpd
- education-desktop-other: drgenius

You might argue about the problems only present in sarge (since new
packages flood into sarge every day and your release managers remove
other packages every day). But your policy is explicit about the fact
that a Recommends must be fulfillable, and e.g. recommends on
non-existing packages for the long-gone XFree86 3.3.6 simply sound

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