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Re: Bug#276769: debian-edu-config: Fix MTA-setup

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On 16-10-2004 18:51, Kurt wrote:
| * Thomas Templin <lists@gnuwhv.de> [041016 12:34]:
|>On Saturday 16 October 2004 11:04, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
|>>Package: debian-edu-config
|>>Severity: normal
|>>Exim changed from exim3 to exim4 during the transition from woody
|>>to sarge. That means we have to implement the ldap config again.
|>>Would it maybe be better to use postfix ?
|>I would say so.
| I would suggest to use postfix too.

I would suggest checking out why Debian use exim4 by default, and
seriously consider if it is important to do differently.

Personally (and professionally) I use postfix, but we really want the
distribution to work out-of-the-box so switching to an MTA different
from Debian default may not be wise.

Schools wanting postfix or a different MTA can easily switch. MTAs
should be generally interchangeable.

It was argued that Schooltool works best with postfix. That sounds like
a problem of that specific application, not an argument for changing
generally IMHO.

~ - Jonas

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