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Struggling OpenOffice Part 2

Hi there,

a former thread documents my struggles with OO. I managed to have fonts 
_with_ typographic quotes (as are used by default!) by installing 
xfs-xtt. This provided the usage of some backports to have German spell 
check with it. 

Now I got two more problems on the ltsp server: 
1. The print dialogue doesn't display my self defined printers 1&2, but 
only the generic printer. Jobs end up in some local queue, while:

Laser_EDV2 is ready
no entries

The local queue which is not the default one for cups (there we have the 
self defined printers), seems to be using the local parport which is 
not connected, of course:

# lsmod |grep lp
lp                      7392   0  (autoclean)
parport                28136   1  (autoclean) [parport_pc lp]

2. All fonts are microsmall now (menus included).

For issue 1, the solution could be as easy as switching the printing 
system to be used from Unix Printing to CUPS. 

If you need further specs for installed packages, please ask. I must 
admit that I am quite confused with the location of used fonts at all.


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