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Bug#257059: xdebconfigurator: Dependencies

> The dependencies for xdebconfigurator are selected to make sure the
> package work both in Woody and in Sarge, and for the Skolelinux
> distribution based on Woody.

The OpenOffice.org Debian packages solve this by preprocessing debian/control 
to allow both normal and Woody builds, for example. But sure, it adds a layer 
of complexity.

> The detect package is available in Woody, and should be listed as a
> related package.  The kudzu package is one of the best to get some HW
> info out (monitor info, I believe), while hwinfo is the best for
> getting info on the mouse.  The discover1/discover package is one of
> the best to use to get info on PCI cards.

It would be nice with *one* library... :)

> The only change in dependencies I would recommend is to upgrade the
> hwinfo from suggests to depends, as this package now is available in
> sarge and sid.  When we moved it from depends to suggests, it was
> missing from sid.  We will need to make sure it is available on all
> archs before we upgrade it.

Yes, that sounds good. Thanks a lot. Again.

*/ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

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