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First module to (un) lock rooms with webmin.

Hi there,

I finally managed to write some custom module that allows teachers to 
lock / open internet access room by room.

It is an pre-alpha version, so please be aware of just putting it to the 
stated directories!

Quick Documentation of files:

In /etc/squid/ :

rooms.list - defines a list of available rooms ($id). 
room-$id.hosts - lists the IPs belonging to room $id

roomlock / roomopen -  scripts that take a room $id as parameter 
(sample: "roomlock 1" blocks room 1) 
The room $id (here: 1) must be an entry in rooms.list

roomstatus - script that shows the status (open / locked) for all rooms 
in rooms.list (checks if room-$id.lock exists)

roomsupdate - creates a new file /etc/squid/lockedhosts.list according 
to the status of each room that contains the IPs of all blocked rooms.
squid is reloaded.

In /etc/webmin/custom :
three self created "buttons" that lock / unlock rooms or show their 

If you dare copy these files in some testing environment, you still have 
to configure /etc/squid.conf to deny hosts 
in  /etc/squid/lockedhosts.list . Also, you might want to create a 
webmin user that is different from root and can use the module.

Comments desired

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