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Re: preconfiguration on the user side and its maintenance

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 07-10-2004 16:06, Patrick Willam wrote:

| At least some of this user-specific things can't be done by just copying
| files from /etc/skel/ to $HOME. Regarding this, /etc/skel/ is like an
| image, but one needs a template [also?/instead?].
| So what I would like to see is a hook in the process of creating $HOME
| where one can link own scripts into it ...or cfengine-scripts.
| "man adduser" says "/usr/local/sbin/adduser.local" is the hook to be
| used. (...Is it really this the place to go for? Please read on...)

Simply tweak the configuration files below /etc ?

Sorry if I misunderstand you, but why change _default_ values below
$HOME, when it can be done below /etc?

Programs that has no option of default setup below /etc is badly
designed IMHO.

Yes, you misunderstood me.
It's about making config-settings in the files in the respective $HOME,
where you can't just use the default from /etc/ or from /etc/skel/,
because you need _a_different_setting_for_each_user_.
An example was the email address of each user in Kmail.

Best wishes,

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