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Re: proxy.pac -- Proxy Auto-Config File Format

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On 06-10-2004 21:07, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
| Hi Jonas,
| I don't understand exactly what to change - and where - is this
| the /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf ? And ... (see below)


The file was written to be easily include'able, instead of copied into
the main file (so that the file could be ditributed and maintained
independently of its eventual use locally).

If anyone is interested, I have now put all such files online here:

Ideally those scripts should be published at tweaks.alioth.debian.org,
but I have not yet had time to properly launch that project, so now I
"leak" some of the work here...

The aim of the tweaks project is to collect and uniform tweaks to Debian
packages, making it easier for local admins and CDDs to use them, and
for package maintainers to (possibly maybe) adopt them.

The tweaks files relevant to proxy automation are these:


The somewhat cryptic note in the dhcp tweak regarding virtual hosts is
that my attempt at using a generic hostname "wpad" fails: The above
config needs to be changed to be specific to each network - e.g. replace
"ServerName wpad" with "ServerName wpad.your.network.name".

Hope all this makes just a little bit sense. You may find browsing the
tweaks folder and reading the bottom texts useful too.

|>option wpad-url                 code 252 = text;
| what is this ^^  for?

Convenience: referring later on to a named option instead of a 3-digit code.

|># Beware that Microsoft Internet Explorer resolves hostname ahead,
|># (A record if CNAME record provided, and raw IP if A record
|>provided), # so use the default web host if serving name-based
|>virtual hosts. #option auto-proxy-config      \
| "http://wpad.example.net/wpad.pac";;
| so, this should read http://tjener.intern/prox.pac  without the
| comments?
| Sorry for my ignorance,

Don't be! :-)

~ - Jonas

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