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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?

> Needs must I suppose.  Mind you the price of basic 100MB switches is pretty
> low by now.
> http://komplett.ie/k/ki.asp?sku=114804&cks=PRL

I know. We use some of these, especially close to the thinclient server.
We can save a lot of ports on these switches by putting old hubs near
the thinclients, though.

> > At least not when sustainable internet costs for our project schools
> > limits us to using dial-up modems..
> Ouch.  Whole schools use dial-ups?  It's a mixed bag here but domestic aDSL
> is cheap enough that schools in urban areas can usually afford it if they
> are so inclined.  I imagine most Irish schools are currently on dial-ups
> though now that I think about it.

We're an organisation recycling old computers for developing countries,
focusing especially on schools. 
Eritrea, our current project, is lucky enough to have a phone system
inherited from the Italians, but the colony era ended somewhere in the

I know some folks are installing radiolan here and there. Basically
wireless networks, same standards we use for a lan, with bigger antennas
and electronics. We'd be happy to see that work out, but not on top of
the list right now.


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