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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?


On Wed, 06 Oct 2004, Harald Thingelstad wrote:

> But put video on it? Animations? 
> With no compression of image data, bandwith use goes up the roof.

Absolutely.  It's not an easy thing to solve either.  I have an idea about
this but will start it in a separate thread.

> 2 Mbit per client is a very round figure. It all depends on the
> applications you want to run and the quality you need from them.
> As long as we can get 10 Mbit hubs for free, we're not going to spend
> too much money on 10/100 Mbit switches.

Needs must I suppose.  Mind you the price of basic 100MB switches is pretty
low by now.


> At least not when sustainable internet costs for our project schools
> limits us to using dial-up modems..

Ouch.  Whole schools use dial-ups?  It's a mixed bag here but domestic aDSL
is cheap enough that schools in urban areas can usually afford it if they
are so inclined.  I imagine most Irish schools are currently on dial-ups
though now that I think about it.


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