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Re: Backport sources for woody: Experiences?

Am Montag, 4. Oktober 2004 15:57 schrieb Ralf Gesel|ensetter:
> deb http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~sdier/debian updates/wup/

Mh, as openoffice seems to conflict with that backport of eclipse, I withdrew 
my ambition to dare an installation. In how far is any efforts to improve a 
woody based skolelinux installation worth the time, by the way? Sometime it 
seems that all work is concentrated in releasing the sarge version. I hope, 
one (soon) day, a simple apt-get into sarge will work :)

This is the conflicts (well, oo is just removed):

apt-get -s install eclipse-javac eclipse-jdt eclipse-pde eclipse-platform 
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
The following extra packages will be installed:
  ant eclipse-source fontconfig gij-3.0 junit kaffe libant1.6-java 
libart-2.0-2 libfontconfig1 libfreetype6 libgmp2 liblucene-java
  libmotif3 libswt2.1-motif-java libt1-5 libxerces2-java ucf xpdf xpdf-common 
xpdf-reader xpdf-utils
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  openoffice.org openoffice.org-bin openoffice.org-debian-files 
openoffice.org-help-en openoffice.org-l10n-de
  openoffice.org-l10n-en openoffice.org-l10n-fr openoffice.org-l10n-nb 
openoffice.org-l10n-nl openoffice.org-l10n-nn
  openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb-no openoffice.org-spellcheck-nn-no
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  ant eclipse-javac eclipse-jdt eclipse-pde eclipse-platform eclipse-sdk 
eclipse-source fontconfig gij-3.0 junit kaffe
  libant1.6-java libart-2.0-2 libfontconfig1 libgmp2 liblucene-java libmotif3 
libswt2.1-motif-java libt1-5 libxerces2-java ucf
5 packages upgraded, 21 newly installed, 12 to remove and 71  not upgraded.
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-en (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable)
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-de (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable)
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-nl (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable)
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-fr (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable) [openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-nn (1.0.2-2.3pre2+woody.AFK.2 ftp.skolelinux.no) 
[openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-l10n-nb (1.0.2-2.3pre2+woody.AFK.2 ftp.skolelinux.no) 
[openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-help-en (1.1+20030814-2 WUP:stable) [openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-bin (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable) [openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-spellcheck-nn-no (20021023-1 ftp.skolelinux.no) 
[openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb-no (20020814 ftp.skolelinux.no) 
[openoffice.org ]
Remv openoffice.org (1.1.0-2woody3 WUP:stable) [openoffice.org-debian-files ]
Remv openoffice.org-debian-files (1.1.0-2woody3+2 WUP:stable)
Inst libgmp2 (2.0.2-10 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst kaffe (1:1.0.5e-0.5 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst gij-3.0 (1:3.0.4-7 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst libant1.6-java (1.6.1-2 WUP:stable)
Inst libxerces2-java (2.0.1-1 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst ant (1.6.1-2 WUP:stable)
Inst eclipse-javac (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst libmotif3 (2.2.2-6woody1 WUP:stable)
Inst libswt2.1-motif-java (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst liblucene-java (1.2-2 WUP:stable)
Inst eclipse-platform (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst junit (3.7-4 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst eclipse-jdt (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst eclipse-source (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst eclipse-pde (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst eclipse-sdk (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst ucf (1.02 WUP:stable)
Inst fontconfig (2.2.2-1.woody.2 WUP:stable)
Inst libart-2.0-2 (2.3.8-1 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Inst xpdf-common (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst libt1-5 (5.0.0-4woody5 WUP:stable)
Inst xpdf-reader (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable) []
Inst libfreetype6 (2.1.7-2.woody.2.1 WUP:stable)
Inst libfontconfig1 (2.2.2-1.woody.2 WUP:stable)
Inst xpdf-utils (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Inst xpdf (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf libgmp2 (2.0.2-10 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf kaffe (1:1.0.5e-0.5 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf gij-3.0 (1:3.0.4-7 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf libant1.6-java (1.6.1-2 WUP:stable)
Conf libxerces2-java (2.0.1-1 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf ant (1.6.1-2 WUP:stable)
Conf eclipse-javac (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf libmotif3 (2.2.2-6woody1 WUP:stable)
Conf libswt2.1-motif-java (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf liblucene-java (1.2-2 WUP:stable)
Conf eclipse-platform (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf junit (3.7-4 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf eclipse-jdt (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf eclipse-source (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf eclipse-pde (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf eclipse-sdk (2.1.1-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf ucf (1.02 WUP:stable)
Conf fontconfig (2.2.2-1.woody.2 WUP:stable)
Conf libart-2.0-2 (2.3.8-1 Debian:3.0r2/stable)
Conf xpdf-common (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf libt1-5 (5.0.0-4woody5 WUP:stable)
Conf libfreetype6 (2.1.7-2.woody.2.1 WUP:stable)
Conf xpdf-reader (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf libfontconfig1 (2.2.2-1.woody.2 WUP:stable)
Conf xpdf-utils (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)
Conf xpdf (3.00-6woody7 WUP:stable)

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