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Re: kschoolmenu packaging

[Andreas Tille]
> Could anybody please explain what kschoolmenu does what the Debian
> default menu package can do?

kschoolmenu provides a method to create custom menus for groups of
users.  It works by providing a KDE application to edit the current
KDE menu, and saving the new menu as a set of override files.

This is done using a Xsession.d script changing the KDEDIRS variable
based on group membership, pointing it to the override files for the
correct group, and by creating the override files in /var/.  The
override files are merged with the global KDE menu, and includes both
additions and removals.

It is downloadable from
(source nearby).

I do not know how to do similar things with the debian menu.  More
specificly, I'm not sure how to set per user overrides during login.
I do not know the debian menu system very well.

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