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Re: Research: Who was on thin client XY yesterday? (Logology)

On Friday 01 October 2004 15:55, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> Hi there,
> back from what I knew (or thought I knew), I'd considered it easy to tell,
> who was the last guy working on some thin client that _now_ lacks its
> mouse! (Robbery!).
> This is true for samba's logging. But in auth.log, I don't see a hint, from
> where a user logged on. It all says: ltspserver00, writing this, I get the
> idea, I should checkt that machine's logs :)
> Anyway, how about combining all logs to one, so I can see, who was where
> and when in no time?
How did you know that someone logged in before he/she/it grabs the mouse?

It sounds a bit like leaving a buisiness card, gentlemen robbery, Gary Grant, 
late 60ies, over the roofs of Nice (Nizza).

Put a camera in a corner of your cabinnet. You can get very cheap dummies 
which will do a good job. (c:


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