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Re: Draft spec for cerebrum in Debian Edu

[ Petter Reinholdtsen ]

> As previously promised, here is a draft specification on what an
> Cerebrum installation should do in Debian-Edu.  The latests version is
> available from
> <URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/cerebrum/wishlist.txt>.
> Mathias, is this a good starting point for further discussions?

Sure it is. Better to discuss this in plenum.

> What do Skolelinux want from cerebrum?
> ======================================
> Petter Reinholdtsen, 2004-09-28
>  - import of person/user info (pupils, teachers, parents, classes)
>    from external source (xml?)
>     - flat files (comma separated fields)
>     - UNIX /etc/ files (passwd, shadow, group, netgroup)
>     - schooltool?
>     - LDAP?
>     - SATS?
>     - MSTAS?
>     - German system?

Like I've told Petter and Andreas, I'm working on a common import-regime
for different types of Cerebrum installations. 

There are two types of imports; the initial import where you sync your
excising data with Cerebrum(NIS, LDAP, Excel, big piles of
hand-written lists, ...). The other is the import of authoritative
data from a School Administrative System(SAS, same in Norwegian) or
other types of authoritative source-systems.

The regime I'm looking at now, is the import from the SAS.

I sent Petter and Andreas a DTD for an XML-schema Bård Jakobsen made
with a Norwegian project, Feide2Go, in mind. Since then we've(Rune
Frøysa and myself) discussed the "IMS Enterprise XML"[*] vs. "the Bård
Enterprise XML". :) Bård's DTD will do what the project wants, but
IMS' file is know around the world and a lot of external providers
support sub-sets of this spec. If IMS' XML-file proves to be
sufficient, we should go with this.

Existing data is somewhat difficult to import into Cerebrum. After a
few external projects at UoO[**], we've discovered that schools often
have data-rot and no known means to get the data from systen Foo to
Cerebrum. I guess we'll come back to this.

>  - automatic user account creation and expiration based on info from
>    external source.

Done by something called "process_students", but we will have to
generalize this to include any person given certain criteria.

>  - automatic group membership based on info from external source


>  - automatic placement/moving of home directory based on account
>    type/state (pupils in one location, teachers in another, limits 
>    on users per partition)

I'm not sure where in the system this is handled, but it should be
pretty straightforward.

>  - system for disabling accounts temporarely or permanently.
>    (admin/teacher set flag to get pupil to show up for consulting)


>  - system for allowing (some) teachers to modify/set (some) group
>    memberships and (some) pupils passwords.  (ie delegate 
>    permissions)


>  - system to allow (some) admins to set passwords on teachers and
>    pupils.


>  - system for backup of deleted user accounts.  (store for 12 months?
>    store until storage disk is 80% full?)

Not really a part of Cerebrum, but, as Petter knows, UoO is presently
working on this.

>  - exports to LDAP
>    - UNIX users, filegroups and user netgroups for NSS/PAM tree

Done, but follows your own structure.

>    - samba users tree

Planned, but need spec from you.

>    - email tree (for exim) (is there a generic format for this?)

No. We've defined our own structure here as well. It's pretty generic
so it should work for Debian-Edu. We'll look into it.

>    - automount tree

Need spec.

>    - FEIDE persons tree


>    - perhaps Active Directory?

Specify. AD can do tons of stuff. Our module does some of it.

>    - perhaps Kerberos and AFS?

Spec. Not implemented.

>  - configured out of the box after packages are installed, using
>    debconf preseeding.

This is Andreas' table, I guess.

>  - must work using package dependencies currently in Debian/Sarge
>    (and Debian/Woody if it is easy)


[*]  http://www.imsglobal.org/enterprise/index.cfm
[**] University of Oslo http://www.uio.no

Mathias Meisfjordskar
GNU/Linux addict.

"If it works; HIT IT AGAIN!"

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