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Weekly report week 38+39, plans for week 40

i could not sent my weekly report last week because i had only
very bad or no email access at all.

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [040914 18:02]:
> - install my new notebook which i got today

done (this took the better part of the first week, with acpi
customisation and both general and development-environment setup)

> - continue with the testframework

done, even last week; i had encountered some inital SQLite setup
problems which are solved by now.

> - travel to germany (on saturday)

... and traveled back, in the mean time.

In Germany I sorted out some administrative problems with Anton`s
flight and related travels.

I participated in the oldenburger developer camp, both talking to
people, working with Max on automatic kerberos setup (where he
did all the work and i had some ideas how it could be done),
reviewing some code for the squidgard webmin module, released
wlus 1.3-20 (and more things, which i cant recall right now) and
discussed different ideas with various people. kurt and i both
tried to lure developers into working for debian-edu. time will
show how good we were.

this week (40) i will continue to work on the test framework`s
data storage and dependency system.

depending on if i understood joeyh correctly and can interfer
with user-mode-linux`s rootstrap properly, i will also try to
come up with a patch to rootstrap to let it use debconf

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