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Re: NX packages

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Peter Rockai (mornfall) wrote:

> I was asked to write to this list, because supposedly someone of the
> Skolelinux crew is working on NX packaging. So i would like to point you at
> the ITP filed on nx (#255850) and the packages available in the repository:
> deb http://www.kalyxo.org/debian/ experimental main
> deb-src http://www.kalyxo.org/debian/ experimental main
> You can of course get the source as well. The packages were done in an FHS
> compliant way and were tested on several machines. They however contain no
> nxserver or nxclient as of now, but i'll be working with Fabian Franz and
> Joseph Wenninger on integrating FreeNX and kNX stuff with them. I'll send an
> update when there's something new.
Many thanks for this information.  I also think that this while very interesting
for debian-edu in special also an issue on debian-devel.  BTW, the URL above
contains more interesting packages.  Do you have trouble finding a sponsor for
these packages or are there other reasons why they stay outside Debian?
I would really hate if finding a sponsor would holding back NX from entering
Debian.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to think about moving the existing
packages to debian experimental.  This would have the following advantages:

   1) Sponsoring procedure would be established.
   2) Packages would enter the override file which needs about 1-2 weeks for
      new packages
   3) Would attract more developers to help

Kind regards


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