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Re: Q: About the AMD32/64 support with Skolelinux/Debian-Edu

* Finn-Arne Johansen

| I have some experience with Athlons MP and Opteron. 
| On one school were we uses Athlon MP, they work fine for months, But
| suddenly (the morning before exam) one of the server shut down kdm.
| Nothing in the logfiles, no sign of anything. This has happened twice.
| We've moved memorybetween the 2 servers, but it doesnt seem to follow
| the memory. 

Strange -- I have (and have had) about 15 MP-based servers and never
seen anything like that.  Though, I don't run kdm on them, they mostly
run apache.

| We used 4xOpteron for the hacking area thin-client server on Guadec.
| The kernel was recompiled for Opteron and > 4MB memory. The server did
| not experience any problem, Although it didn't have to much to load.
| (10 thin clients, 4xOpteron64 and 8 GB of memory) 
| We did however do some kernel compilation on it. And LTSP-Jim did a
| full build of LTSP4 on this machine without problems. 

I'm talking about 12-24 hours of full load, which means 10 concurrent
kernel compiles.  I don't think LTSP takes that long?

The box is stable with only light load.

| Was this a homebrew server, or a server completely built from a vendor? 

It was a scsi-based Appro server with a Tyan motherboard, built by a

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