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Re: [finnarne-guest@alioth.debian.org: CVS update: src/debian-edu-config/debian changelog]

On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 06:13:01AM +0200, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> AS state in this changelog entry. I've done a larger edit of
> debian-edu-config. 
> I've also uploaded this into "sarge local" and "woody-test local"
> apt-sites. That means that it should go on the Next joeyh-sarge-cd, and
> the next pere-woody-test-cd. 
> Pere: Could you start a build of your woody-test-cd
> KlausAde/Pere: Could you test the CD, that I haven't broken anything. 

This is now tested, and it seem like the change actually did work. 

> Joey: Please dont upload into sarge until we've tested if things still
> work on woody. 

Joey: you may upload into Sid now (or some othe, maybe pere? ) 

> // faj
> ----- Forwarded message from finnarne-guest@alioth.debian.org -----

>   Modified:    debian-edu-config/debian changelog
>   Log:
>   Made a .sarge.-release for testing if this works, Needs to test on woody-test as well

The changes I did was to try to find out if this is done on a sarge
box or a woody box. The reason for this is that some packages have
changed names (exim -> exim4) or filepaths (kde2 -> kde3). 

Maybe the changes could have been done regardless of this, just by
testing if some files existed. 

But to help others planning to do some changes to the cfengine stuff,
here is some hint: 
- When editing a file, remember that it is searched from the top to
  where it find s stuff. so if you are doing multiple changes to the
  same file, remember to change the top of the file first. 

- When testing for various flags: 
  "." means "and"
  "!" Means "not"
  "|" Means "or"

 debian.woody.server:: # This will happen only in a woody-based
                       # mainserver

 debian.!workstation:: # This will happen on both sarge or woody based
                       # installations, unless it's a workstation

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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