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Re: Install Skolelinux release 1.0 on a SCSI-HDD

<zitiere wer="Petter Reinholdtsen">
> [Frank Weißer]
>> Has anyone a suggestion how to install Skolelinux release 1.0 on a
>> SymbiosLogic/DawiControl UltraScSI-HBA with a Fujitsu M2945SYU
>> SCSI-HDD using an IDE-CDROM?
>> Problem is: Automatic partitioning says "unable to find any free space"
>> But the disc has 4.5GB free (unpartitioned).
> Which profiles are you trying to install?  4.5 GB might be too small.
> The message means that there is too little room on the disks, and I
> suspect it is correct.  The disk requirements depend on the amount of
> ram in the machine as well.  How much ram do the machine have?

Tried Mainserver+LTSP-Server and then Mainserver only with same results. The
Machine is a K6II/366 with 320MB RAM



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