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Re: Install Skolelinux release 1.0 on a SCSI-HDD

[Frank Weißer]
> Has anyone a suggestion how to install Skolelinux release 1.0 on a
> SymbiosLogic/DawiControl UltraScSI-HBA with a Fujitsu M2945SYU
> SCSI-HDD using an IDE-CDROM?
> Problem is: Automatic partitioning says "unable to find any free space"
> But the disc has 4.5GB free (unpartitioned).

Which profiles are you trying to install?  4.5 GB might be too small.
The message means that there is too little room on the disks, and I
suspect it is correct.  The disk requirements depend on the amount of
ram in the machine as well.  How much ram do the machine have?

> Or does installation with manual partitioning meanwhile work?

It might work. :)

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