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Re: Joint statement about debian edu participation from the GUADEC 2004

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:24:59 +0200, Knut Yrvin <knuty@skolelinux.no> wrote:
> -------- English ----------
> Joint statement by debian edu and Skolelinux together with PSL-Brasil,
> gnu/LinEx and other participiant from the GNOME community
> In a meeting held tuesday 29 june 2004 we aggread to advance the
> international cooperation of Free and Open Source Software in
> education: through the sharing of architecture and applications.
> The intention is to eliminate the duplication of work and to
> facilitate communication of ideas between the participants.  In this
> way we hope to improve the competence of our digital skills and to
> ensure universal access to technology for youth and adults.  Open
> minds and Open Source means that we can learn from each other and to
> create for oneself.  In order to make this happen each generation must
> posess the right to form, change and adapt the technology.
> This cooperation is of mutual benefit and will take place through
> traditional Free and Open Source development channels, for example the
> debian-edu@lists.debian.org mailinglist.
> - LinEx in Spain, Jose Angel Diaz Diaz Chief Manager of Digital Literacy Plan
> - PSL-Brasil in Brazil, Paulino Michelazzo
> - Skolelinux in Norway, Knut Yrvin Project manager
Hi all.  This seems like a good opportunity to introduce myself.  My
name is Tom Hoffman, I'm a teacher and Python programmer in
Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and I've just taken on the role of
project manager on SchoolTool.

I want to congratulate everyone involved in taking this step towards
greater cooperation and coordination for free and open source software
in education.  I am committed, and the SchoolTool project is committed
to supporting these goals as well.  We have already invested
considerable effort in attempting do design SchoolTool as an
open-ended platform, including a component architecture and
comprehensive REST web services API.  I also have some experience with
the School's Interoperability Framework, and I've done some extensive
work representing assessment data with RDF.

I'm looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

--Tom Hoffman

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