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Re: Helping Debian-Edu

Em Sex, 2004-06-25 às 18:28, Tom Hoffman escreveu:
> Hi Luiz,
> You should take a look at SchoolTool, at http://schooltool.org  We're
> also working on creating open source administrative software for
> schools, particularly in the developing world, and with Debian
> GNU/Linux as the primary development platform.  There are a few things
> that set SchoolTool apart from similar projects:

Hello Tom,

I'll check it. It seems to be really nice, and exactly what I was
looking for.
> * it's written in Python using the Zope Object Database;

Couldn't be better! Any specific widget set for GUI? Maybe PyGTK?

> * it provides a REST web services API throughout for interoperability
> with external applications;
> * the ongoing development is funded by Mark Shuttleworth
> (http://markshuttleworth.com).

What is the database being used?

> We're in a transitional point in development--moving from the basic
> architecture work to adding components for specific tasks.  I'll be
> writing a bunch of documentation over the next few weeks to explain
> how the current platform works and how to design new parts.  Mark will
> be funding new development teams, so if you are interested, you might
> consider combining your efforts with ours and making a proposal
> yourself.

I'm in! Tell me what are the priority tasks at this time. I am willing
to help with anything that is necessary.

> Let me know what you think, and good luck!
> --Tom Hoffman

Thanks and take care,


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