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Re: new WLUS: 1.2-11 (was: WLUS 1.2-10 is out)

ons, 07.04.2004 kl. 21.12 skrev Andreas Schuldei:

> > You can add "label" or "title" to some of the
> > words and links, which in most browsers will
> > behave as a tool-tip.  You should rather do
> > that, than dump a 5KB "manual" under the form.
> i tried to display help text using this. however it takes less
> then a sentence, when i played with it. is there some way to
> configure this?

Less than a sentence is, perhaps, just the right thing for the user?
These pages should be self documenting. If you need some longish text to
explain something, it's already wrong.

Additionally, these texts would be a much better read if you made it
into short points. No one should have to read through a page full of
text to find out what you need.



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