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Re: Heretics: Non-free version of skoleknoppix?

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 04:27:36PM +0100, rgx wrote:
> Just a counter-stream though I had on this: If it is true that debian is 
> mainly reknown for its easy mode of installing or updating (dpkg or 
> apt-get), and if it is true that almost everything we want is debian 
> packages, plus providing that each school nowardays have a flat-rate 
> connection to the internet: Why we bother squeezing bit for bit on one 
> CD? How about having the setup script collecting the desired 
> eduscational software from some apt-sources? 

On or off the CD, that is just splitting hairs.  Either debian-edu provides
non-free or it doesn't.  I favour a 'core' debian-edu which is the product
of the debian-edu group being entirely free, and some external entity
providing a non-free edition.  I'm not sure what "provides" actually should
mean.  It could simply mean hosting the ISOs off Debian servers.  The reason
there needs to be an external entity doing this is the same as for the
regular non-free offerings in the Debian archives: there may be some subset
of users for whom the way they use the non-free material is not in violation
of the non-free licenses, but Debian has decided not to try to figure that
out for them.  It's up to the makers of ISOs to select their non-free
material carefully and make it clear to the users what is included and how
it may be used.

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