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Suggestion: Logging Apps used :)

Dear developers of debian-edu and skolelinux,

maybe you already have it and I missed it, maybe my idea could become a 
contribution to skolelinux - or debian in general:

Being overwhelmed by the diversity of really interesting software 
packages, I find myself installing several packages daily. Virtually, 
you could say, software that I won't start again witin 6 months or so, 
could be removed. This is quite a long period, as I am a single user.

As for skolelinux where hundreds of pupils per day access the softwrae 
installed on the terminal server, a tool that logs, which app was 
accessed how often (maybe last accession date, too), could help 
deciding what app could be replaced. What do you think of this idea?

Technically speaking, one could either log running processes, or record 
all events opening entries of the kmenu. Does such a logger have to 
become a package, if it's just a cron job?

Looking forward towards Easter - when my school becomes a skolelinux 
testing (err: using) school,

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